These illuminated letters, miniatures, and manuscript pages have been copied or adapted from 13th to 15th century graduals, books of hours, and other writings. They are hand-painted on acid-free paper with opaque watercolor and in some cases 23K gold leaf.

In the Natural Science series, a simple versal is combined with a bird, a plant, or an animal. The set of four exotic birds was done with the initials of a friend's four children.

Contact me for availability and prices. I welcome commissions with your letters in mind.

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Blue and Gold letter E
Pansies in a B
The Visitation in the letter E
Letter C in orange and purple
Blue and Gold Letter E 
Letter B with Pansies
Letter E with the Visitation
Orange and Purple Letter C
An R in red
St Peter in a letter
Illuminated letter C
Gothic Letter R
St Peter in an Initial N
Letter C with Roses
French D with Pansies
Blue and Gold Letter S
Hebrew letter Shin
Crested Swift
Western Rosella
Letter J with Jacamar
Letter S with Crested Swift
Letter R with Rosella Parrot
Letter J with African Jacana
Harrier Hawk


Barn Owl
Letter H with Hoopoe
Letter C with Harrier Hawk
Letter A with Goshawk
Letter T with Barn Owl

Last Judgement in an Initial A
Post Passionem


Madonna roundel icon
Musicians icon
Roundel with the Virgin Mary
Medieval Musicians
Censing angels
Censing Angels

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Updated 23 October 2009